Journals and Book Chapters 

Innovation ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

2017 “A Toolkit for R&D Policy Choice with an Application to Chilean Mining.” International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development . Also published as Knowledge Intensive Mining Services in Chile: Challenges and Opportunities for Future Development. Inter American Development Bank Working Paper IDB-BP 418. With Leonardo Muñoz.

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Economic Growth and Development

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Political Economy

2017 “What do women want? Female suffrage and the size of government,” Forthcoming Economic Systems. Also Working Paper Vol. 386 · pp. 1 – 38, Department of Economics. With Paredes, Valentina and Nicolas A. Eterovic.

Working Papers
2017 “Knowledge Intensive Mining Services in Chile: A Regional Approach for their Development.” Working Paper No. 448, pp. 1 – 45, Department of Economics, Universidad de Chile. With Leonardo Muñoz. Revise and resubmit to Resources Policy.

2016. "Faraway or nearby? domestic and international spillovers in patenting and product innovation," Policy Research Working Paper Series 7828, The World Bank. With Ana Cusolito and Daniel Lederman. About to Submit to Journal of Development Studies.

2016 “Female-male participation in the Parliament. Are we ever going to converge to Scandinavia?” Working Paper No. 419, pp. 1 - 34, Department of Economics, Universidad de Chile. With Paredes, Valentina and Nicolas A. Eterovic. About to submit to Gender and Politics

2015. "Empirical Evidence on R&D Targeting and Transitions," Working Papers 402, Department of Economics, University of Chile. With Roberto Alvarez and Dan Poniachik. About to submit to World Development.

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Work in Progress

1.- “Worker, Seller, Manager, Driver: Experimental Evidence on What Training Can Do for Small Entrepreneurs.” With Claudia Martinez and Tomas Rau

2.- “Do women in parliament shape public expenditure composition.” With Nicolas Eterovic and Valentina Paredes.

3.- “Intellectual Property Development Strategies in Mining Companies and their Suppliers.” With Juan J. Price.
4.- "On the impact of horizontal cooperation on innovation." With Heinz Doebbel

5.- "Natural Resources, Institutions and Economic Growth." With Jose Luis Nolazco 

6.- "Productivty and its determinants" With Roberto Alvarez